Ibeacon Bluetooth 4.0 Ble Module, NRF51822 Bluetooth Module

Working voltage: 2~3.6V
orking frequency:2.4GHz
Model Number:
NRF51822 Module
Brand Name:
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Battery holder:
System support:
for ios7.0 Android 4.3
Crowd GPS Range:
World Wide
Bluetooth module Chip:
NRF51822 / cc2541
ce rohs fcc
Expiration date:
Safe for Pets:
Anodized Aluminum,Plastic
Supply Ability:
46500 Piece/Pieces per Month 1500-2000pcs/Day
Packaging Details
For bluetooth protocol Module:Skin packaging 135*180mm/35pcs

For PCB Board: vacuum package

For PCBA board: Sponge packaging Out package:34*35*42cm

For OEM Finished Bluetooth Products: custom gift package 3*8*6cm

Lead Time:
1-2days for samples. bulk order ibeacon about 5-7working days

Ibeacon Bluetooth 4.0 Ble Module, NRF51822 Bluetooth Module

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Question: What kind of battery does it take to run it?

The battery holder has a spring arm to hold the battery in place. It has a 20mm socket and will accept any number of 3V CR20XX batteries. Try a CR2032 that you can get just about anywhere batteries are sold. 

Question: How do i program this? i got it and enter the uuid in but my phone is still not picking it up?

This is unit comes programmed but will not worked with some devices. I was able to pick it up from my Phon

What is iBeacon & Eddystone beacon? 
e but not able to use it with another ibeacon device like I wanted too. Had to switch away from the HM10. 

iBeacon enables mobile devices to “talk” to each other and other BLE devices in their signal-covered areas. They can relate their locations in real time without the need for Wi-Fi or GPS. Beacon also gives access to consumers to pull-on-demand location-specific product and offers information triggered by the physical BLE sensors, e.g. broadcast information and advertisement.

Product Specification

1. The iBeacon module Betag is builtin a battery holder with a coin battery and housing, it can work as a lone


2.It makes the best use of the battery power. For example, it can standby over 5 years when work in sleeping mode, much longer than the life of the battery. 

3. SDK is available to help customers’ build their own APP or use our APP.

4. All the interface developed completely by us, all of the parameters can be reconfigured, including Proximity

UUID, Major, Minor and Power.

5. Support both for IOS 7 or above and Android 4.3 or above, and provide for IOS SDK, Android SDK and  AndroidSource Code.

6. The housing development service at low cost will be provided to potential customers.

7. Internal push button switch.

8. Weather resistance and dust resistance casing

Ibeacon Details:

1. An ibeacon is a small wireless device that constantly broadcasts radio signals to nearby smartphones and tablets. Think of it as a lighthouse emitting light in regular intervals. Mobile apps can listen for that signal, and when they receive it, trigger a location-based action.

2.  Built-in Mini beacon firmware and easy to replaceable it without any tools.

3.  Push notifications when entering or exiting a beacon region

4.  UUID, Major, Minor values can be changed and modified by customers.

What are the applications of the iBeacons? 

1.Push notifications when entering or exiting a beacon region
2.Measure signal strengths to infer distances
3.Indoor navigation
4.Location-based marketing
5.Mobile guides
6.Check-in service
For Example: Indoor positioning, Near-field outdoor positioning, School, Super Market, Parking, Resturant, Museum and so on, You can develop different apps for various application!





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For Bluetooth Module Questions,Contact following:

Contact me (2)

Bluetooth module with bom FAQ:

Q1: What’s your factory size?

We have factory area of 2000 SQM with total 326 employees.

Q2: How many production line in your factory?

We have 8 automatic SMT production lines,4 THT production line

Q3: what’s your test capacity?

Promise 100% AOI test, circuit test and function test for PCBA,X-RAY TEST for PCBA with BGA ICT tester,Flying Test for Bare PCB.Constant temperature and humidity led test machine.

Q4: what’s the requested files or information for quotation?And how long can get it?

BOM+Gerber files for PCBA,Gerber file or schematic for PCB,photos or samples for design project.

36-48hours for PCBA,24hours for PCB,2days for pcb design quotation.

Q5.What are the options for surface finish?

The options include HASL, Immersion gold, Immersion tin, Immersion Silver, OSP, and HASL lead free. Call for other options.

Q6.What project can you design?

94v0/Aluminum LED Board with pcb,components on it,pcb assembly and case if needed.

94v0 PCB board with pcb design,pcb assembly with components assembled.

GPS Tracker board with turnkey service(design with sample confirm & pcba manufacture)

3D printer board with Ramps,Mega2560,stepper,LCD board,Heated Board etc.

Buletooth Module,WIFI Module etc.

Feel free contact me if any bluetooth questions any time,will reply asap!Thanks&Regards



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