With 2 decades of experience as a leading source for electronic contract assembly, Shafer Electronics has gained the recognition as a economical and trusted manufacturer. From small run prototype builds to full service high volume production, we provide the support you need to compete in today’s global electronic market.

Shafer understands the customer’s needs! Price, Quality, Delivery & Support all are significant, and you can’t afford to have a weak link in the supplier chain. The best value, highest quality, reliable delivery and support are hoped for. Our team is ready to reach your highest expectations, and to eliminate any worries in the electronic assembly supply chain.

From consigned builds to full turnkey solutions, Shafer provides the proven experience that gives your company a obvious competitive advantage. You don’t have to risk contracting to an assembler that isn’t 100% dedicated and committed to support your business. Our only business is electronic assembly. Quite a few electronic manufacturers offer assembly service to use excess capacity of machines and labor, but keep committed to support their own captive products. That is not dedicated or committed, and presents a risk that can be easily avoided..

Contact Shafer Electronics right now, or request a quote to see the benefits we offer supporting your contract assembly projects.